1st Year Undergraduate Studio, ARC108
Syracuse University School of Architecture
Spring 2013

Lawrence Davis (Coordinator), Bruce Abbey, Martin Hättasch, Ryan Ludwig, Robert Petrie, Yutaka Sho

Teaching Assistants:
Irini Zhupa, Adrienne Buccella, Andres Mario Jaime, Jeffrey Stewart, Elvira Ibragimova, Bryan Scheib

19 per section (first-year undergraduate)

ARC 108 is the Second of nine Architectural Design Studios required for students to complete their professional degree requirements. This sequence of design constitutes 54 of the credit hours of professional courses required for the Bachelor of Architecture degree. The studio is divided into six sections, each directed by a faculty member with the help of a teaching assistant. The teaching assistants (TA’s) are typically graduate students in their last year of study. In the second semester, new sections are formed so that students have the opportunity to be exposed to other faculty and fellow students.

The objective of this design studio is to further develop students’ representational skills, exposure to design methodologies, and texts fundamental to an understanding of architecture and the process of design. In particular the second semester design studio introduces students to issues that are

1.) common concern to building design in the urban environment such as building section and elevation/façade design and

2.) fundamental to the development of nearly all architectural projects: context, architectonic systems and materiality.

This is accomplished through an introduction to urban analysis and the design of a set of small public projects. These will further enhance the students’ awareness to the physical environment, develop basic research and presentation skills and explore compositional and spatial sensibilities. As in ARC 107, the course consists of a series of studio assignments, related research, desk critiques, and group reviews supplemented by lectures, workshops and field trips. In addition, the development of these required learning skills is supported by direct contact during class time with faculty and TA’s. In the first design semester assignments will be limited in scope and complexity in order to foster thorough consideration and understanding of the value and meaning of the work.

Student project images: Yiwei Wu [top], Avery Nackman / Stephen Muir / Yiwei Wu [bottom]