1st Year Graduate Studio, ARC604
Syracuse University School of Architecture
Fall 2011/2012/2013

Section 01: Martin Hättasch
Section 02: Ted Brown
Section 01: Martin Hättasch
Section 02: Julia Czerniak

Enrollment: 24

The first semester of the graduate studio sequence examines operational thinking/formal logic, spatial production, program and site as terms and territories of architectural inquiry.

Through a series of design exercises, discussions and research projects the studio will momentarily isolate and scrutinize the design process so as to iteratively and rigorously pursue architectural investigations. It may be assumed that architecture has a social, political and ecological dimension. That said, there are internal logics, methods and media that are critical to the discipline. Understanding the techniques of the discipline allows one to deploy architecture in a productive and (perhaps) meaningful way.

The 604 studio will consist of four studio exercises ranging in duration from 2 to 4 weeks. All studio exercises will require three modes of architectural inquiry: model, drawing, and diagram. Exercises will alter the order of these modes to allow the studio to isolate, evaluate and test different techniques of exploration. Part I (wall) consists of spatial exploration “excavated” from a surface in relation to operational, programmatic, geometric and material logic. Part II (box) works diagrammatically from case studies to develop formal syntax in relation to program and site. Part III (up against the wall) interrogates a local urban site and institutional program in relation to pre-established formal and operational logics. Part IV (wall+box) extends the design research toward a comprehensive resolution of an architectural project in the city.

Student project images: Ping-Ling Lin [top], Iroha Ito [1], David Domke [3]