Syracuse SoA Architect’s Work /
Graduate Sessions 14:

Syracuse, NY, USA

Exhibition Design

Martin Hättasch with Victor Tzen (Faculty Advisor / Construction Administration)

Project Team: Elvira Ibragimova, Hamza Hasan, Chris Malone, Tanya Bhatia, Danielle Lax, Sean Falconer, Nilay Akbas

As part of the Architect’s Work Graduate Sessions Series, we collaborated on this exhibit with STEALTH.unlimited. Rather than being a mere exhibition of work in the classic sense, the goal was to have the exhibition space itself become an active component of the show. A cube consisting of 256 single boxes and 24 polycarbonate sheets occupies the center of a space outlined by an overhead structural grid. In its basic position it becomes a projection surface for the display of STEALTH’s work. At the same time, a calendar of events was created and invited different constituencies from within the university and community to use the space for performances, recitals, a religious celebration, and an interview with STEALTH.unlimited. For every event, the polycarbonate sheets are arranged a vertical space dividers along the grid as needed, while the boxes become different types of furniture. Thus an inverse relationship between exhibit and activity is created: With every event and associated use of materials in the gallery, the cube, and with it the projection surface disintegrates. These changes are recorded as outlines on the floor, before the original condition is restored for the next user group to adjust as desired.