A Manifesto for the New Collective – ReFORMing the Hard & Soft project

Houston, TX, USA

Wortham Fellows Exhibition at Rice University

Martin Hättasch, Neeraj Bhatia

Design/Research: Amanda Crawley, Rachel Dewane, Jessica Tankard

Exhibition: Matthew Austin, Ian Searcy, Serge Zotov

The 2011 Wortham fellows’ exhibition was conceived in collaboration with Neeraj Bhatia, and featured projects, research and text from both authors each presenting a manifesto towards a New Collective Architecture. The dialectic setup of the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ projects in architecture was reflected in the exhibition layout with each author literally ‘taking a side.’ The ‘Hard’ side makes the point for a renewed consideration of the architectural object as a simple counterpoint to the countless informal or ‘soft’ networks that (in)form our daily existence. Featured in the exhibit were the project “Bounded Core” and the Manifesto “Towards the Complex-Object”.