Syracuse SoA Architect’s Work /
Graduate Sessions 13: Teddy Cruz

Syracuse, NY, USA

Exhibition Design

Martin Hättasch with Victor Tzen (Faculty Advisor / Construction Administration)

Project Team: Anastasija Gridneva, Ryan Kelly Novi, Andres Jaime, Victoria Ines Gueglio Saccone, Christina Rossi, Sara Greenwood, Nilus Klingel, Stephen Klimek, Brendan Finney

This exhibition was part of the ‘Architect’s Work’ series at Syracuse University. A graduate student team led by Martin Hättasch and Victor Tzen worked in close collaboration with Teddy Cruz around his conceptual idea of ‘Conflict’. The exhibition presents itself as a series of vertical layers each displaying a specific set of information articulated through a specific type of media. From outside the gallery, these layers flatten and form a visual overload of information; it is only by physically following the different threads through the gallery space that the visitor uncovers the entire narrative. The basis for the exhibition’s layers is formed by simple steel scaffolding. While creating a formally rigorous framework, the generic scaffolding underlines the intent of the exhibition to educate, and display sets of information rather than precious objects.

Photography by: Brendan Finney [1], Anastasija Gridneva [all other photography]